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Nate Enders

Nate began keeping aquariums at a young age when his father brought home a slate-bottomed, steel-framed 10-gallon aquarium from a garage sale. Other than that first childhood tank and a few recent forays into the world of planted freshwater tanks, Nate's interest has mostly been marine aquaria, and began at a time when undergravel filters, wet/dry sumps and T12 VHO lighting were as good as it got.

Despite doing the respectable thing and pursuing an education in the field of engineering, Nate's career has mostly been in the realm of information technology. This educational and professional background, focused on the physical and technical aspects of the world around us, shows Nate's love for applied science. As such, he is an aspiring do-it-yourself geek, and can often be found lurking in the DIY forum on Reef Central, in an effort to learn from the true masters. That is, when he isn't hanging out in the New to the Hobby forum, doing his best to preach the good word to new recruits. Having learned much of what he knows about reefkeeping through trial and error, before internet forums became popular, Nate welcomes the opportunity to participate in Reefkeeping Magazine and the Reef Central forums in a way that helps today's new reefkeepers avoid the mistakes he made.