Tank of the Month - August 2009


Check out this beautiful 190-gallon peninsula-style reef tank belonging to John Salituro. Read more...


This visual masterpiece — an amazing mixed reef — joins Reefkeeping's elite Tank of the Month feature. Read more...

Healthy Corals!

Healthy and colorful SPS and LPS corals abound in this system. See how John created his reef... Read more...

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August 2009

A Message from the Editorial Staff by Staff

Welcome to our newly re-designed website! Our new editorial staff discusses some of the interesting features offered by Reefkeeping Magazine's new format. Read more...

Paul Baldassano’s Reef - 40 Years in the Making by Paul Baldassano

Paul has been keeping marine aquariums for over 40 years!  In this article he shares some of his reefkeeping philosophies and techniques.  Read more...

Tank of the Month by John Salituro

This month we are featuring the 190-gallon beautiful mixed reef aquarium of John Salituro. Learn how he has created this beautiful system.  Read more...

ReefSlides by Mucho Reef

From small to big, delicate saltwater "flowers" intoxicate hobbyists everywhere. Join us as we take a visual tour of stunning zoanthids, palythoas and protopalythoas. Read more...

Reefkeeping 101 by Nate Enders

This month's column dedicated to those new to the hobby is provided by Nate Enders.  He discusses seven habits that he feels are important for new reefkeepers to understand. Read more...

Fish Profile by Lisa Miller

In this article Lisa Miller presents a brief profile on the care and husbandry of Chelmon rostratus, commonly known as the Copperband Butterfly fish. Read more...

Club Showcase by Rogger Castells

This month Reefkeeping features information on the Florida Marine Aquarium Society. Take a look at what makes this club tick. Read more...

Upcoming Events by Staff

Learn about some of the upcoming marine aquarium related events happening around the country. Read more...

Reefkeeping's Top Ten by Reef Central Members

This month's Top Ten column focuses on the top ten humorous reasons you should not have picked up this hobby... Read more...

RC's Thread of the Month by Reef Central Members

This month khaosinc discusses his newest and biggest tank yet and shares information on how he did it and its effect on his health in his thread on Reef Central. Read more...