Many thanks to all who had a part in creating this issue either
through ideas, inspiration, text or images. Without them,
this issue would not have been possible.

Waterkeeper - for the feature article on Polar bears & the Science Notes & News abstract.

Eric Borneman - for being a good sport.

Habib - for his input and humor. - for the use of their images.

Marc Levenson (melev) - for the Top Ten Reasons and his general contribution of funny ideas.

Roger Vitko - for the Polyurethane Reef article.

Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D. - for the New Aquarium System article.

(mobert) - for the SpongeBob image.

Erik Carrillo (Nagel) - for the scanned advertisements.

Polar Challenge - for the use of the Polar Bear image.

Thanks to (swims withthe fishes) - for the Amphiprion buldogis image.

Dubbin1 for the Thread of the Month.

Hambone - for being the cranky old editor.

A very special thanks to: asmujica, Rock Anemone, Konadog, aLittletank, MiddletonMark, bertoni, 3_high_low, Anemone, Entropy, Bomber, DgenR8, Agu & StevenPro for their support, inspiration, contributions & ideas.

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